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Government must disclose cost of Presidential diaries – Apaak

Comment: It cost $29 million so what?

Abeeku Mensah
2018-05-19 11:53:18
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Government must disclose cost of Presidential diar

Dr. Apaak should stop wasting his time chasing silly things and look at what Ghana has achieved or not achieved through its policies and politics since becoming a member of Ghana's political class. What single policy proposal has Dr. Apaak introduced or suggested that would have been transformative had the NDC or NPP government adopted? Was Dr. Apaak not a Mahama administration castle office staff? Did he try to help Mahama rein in acts of mismanagement and outright stealing by MP's and other government appointees or stay mute and looked the other way just as long as he collected his monthly paycheck? The NDC NPP staged political dislike picture is not funny anymore. Both parties prefer to control Ghana's political system by taking turns to rob Ghana blind while the NPP and NDC assures themselves of never allowing other parties to offer alternate ideas. Would the money spent by the government to print the diaries pay for our failed hospital and medical clinics in Ghana? Would the cost pay for all of our MP's to undergo new functioning and reasoning brain transplants?

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05-19 11:15
It cost $29 million so what?
Abeeku Mensah
05-19 11:53