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Thousands of Mobile Money agents to lose jobs

Comment: You (Don't) Know What An ATM Is ??

James Mahmoud Awotwe-Braun
2018-05-19 19:13:32
Comment to:

How can a person receive money on his or her ATM?

You don't seem to knoe or understand: ATM is the Automatic Teller Machine . the machine for making financial transactions, located mostly in banks and then in shops / public places.

A person can never receive mobile on an ATM machine: a person will receive the money on his/her mobile phone, but insteda of going to an agent to cash, he will go to an ATM machine and cash the money.

Joe Smith: look for another name, like Kofi Bankye.

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05-18 11:05
You (Don't) Know What An ATM Is ??
James Mahmoud Awotwe-Braun
05-19 19:13