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IMANI fingers government in new $89m Subah-like deal

Comment: mentality of some leaders

2018-05-18 04:48:34
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IMANI fingers government in new $89m Subah-like de

Is it a curse on black leadership? I can't figuer it right anytime I think about how backward some of our leaders are.I meant to say,most of them in NPP & NDC.Why can't they think a second abou yet unborn generations of this country.Is it that some of them are mentally enslaved? think of it,amassing wealth in the expense of the taxpayers guarantee their longevity on earth! maybe,they only think of the wellbeing of their inner circle.But,visionary leaders will think the opposite,and lay the ground for a level playing field for the benefits of the entire nation.I'm in a dilemma for who I should give my vote next.I rest my case!!!

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05-17 22:19
mentality of some leaders
05-18 04:48