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IMANI fingers government in new $89m Subah-like deal

Comment: They are into politics to steal.

2018-05-18 04:38:28
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IMANI fingers government in new $89m Subah-like de

Its a shame and a huge disappointment to ordinary Ghanaians who are being hoodwinked. Politics is now a white colar criminal enterprise. Thieves now in politics. We will continue to shame and throw them out one after another until Ghana puts right people there in governance. We are yet to get a conviction of the thieving Mahama appointees. However, the grumpy old man is buying a supposedly home in UK for £9.3 million in a matter of 1&half years. Hmm! How much is the president earning in a year? Its a shame and all lies. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, who never dies, has become Akuffo Addo's straw man to cover his inefficencies like Mahama. Foreign invasion continues unabetated while Ghanaians whallow in poverty. Its all lies, lies, and lies. Oman Ghana make npp one term government. Its a failure. Shut them off.

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05-17 22:19
They are into politics to steal.
05-18 04:38