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Incompetent tag was 'fact' not personal attack on Mahama – Samira

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2018-05-16 22:30:07
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Time will tell

You people should stop fooling. Describing your political opponent as incompetent is not an insult. Mahama called the NPP super incompetent, yet no serious official in the NPP government responded. What about all the insults the NDC heaped on Samira and her husband? Are they also not humans? Mahama's ambassador Alhaji Sinare insulted Samira in unprintable fashion but that was OK with Mahama and his party.

Above all that, let's be honest here. Samira never said Mahama was incompetent. President Mahama stood on one of his campaign platforms and said that the NPP has deliberately refused to see his so called massive infrastructure. And Samira responded on the NPP platform that what she saw was incompetence, corruption, hardships and so on. That is not an insult and neither is it a reference to Mahama's person....just as Mahama labeled the Akufo-Addo administration as super incompetent. That is allowed in politics.

So for me all those on this platform insulting Mrs Samira Bawumia are uninformed and rather advertising their stupidity.

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