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Mahama couldn’t appoint his family because they were less educated - Ken Agyapong

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Real Idiotic man
2018-05-15 20:45:58
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You are indeed an idiot fool, what the guy is saying right. Besides the family of akuffo Addo are all members of NPP. Why shdn't he offer them positions in his govt. Don't 4-get Nana's head is on the line. If he doesn't successed, wud you blame Akua Donkor? Leave Nana alone as long as they qualify to hold a position, what is wrong. Mahama's problem is his incompetence and also engaged incompetent, immature, sharp teeth, inexperience and get money quick boys to run this country to where we are now.

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05-15 17:57
Real Idiotic man
05-15 20:45