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Mahama couldn’t appoint his family because they were less educated - Ken Agyapong

Comment: Ken agyapong

2018-05-15 18:58:05
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Mahama couldn’t appoint his family because they

Enough of the nonsense, rotten mouthed Kennedy agyapong. The danger involved appointmenting family and friends into government is that, if another party takes over the reign, or there is coup de'ta the family will suffer calamity. Some will go to jail. Others will face capital punishment. The family will be disintegrate and destroyed. Mark my word: after the term of npp, akuffo addo and his family will suffer irreparable damage. All his family and cronies will be in exile and die there. History reminds us of this. Those of you who have no brains and see nothing wrong with such appointments must wait and see. No matter how strong you are today, and how long it takes, it is just a matter of time and you will become vunerable and feable as wick in a lamp. This will be the first time a president and a vice president will go to jail in Ghana. Mark it on the wall! Lose-talk Ken agyapong will be included in jail. 'Ze wu ze '!

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05-15 17:57
Ken agyapong
05-15 18:58