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'It is unjust' - Cuban government demands payment for its doctors in Ghana

Comment: Re: Our Presidents are visionless.

2018-05-14 18:05:33
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Our Presidents are visionless.

Certainly something is wrong, why all the Black leadership everywhere in the world are povertized. Even with wealth of resources; the average people and places are poor and under develope. These people who becomes leaders are a products of the colonizers. They neither care about people or country.
They take all the money of their countries and buy expensive real estate in White run countries. They school their children in white run countries. They go to the Doctor in white run countries for medical treatment. So!Why would they care about the mediical health system in their own country. When they dont use them.
A good eader knows that especially as a Black leader , you have enemies. So if you are smart you make sure tat your own medica health system is good enough for you and your care. Why would anyone in their right mind think that they would get better care from another nation. Your money will not buy you better care. You are Black, and the only people care is who look like you.
Fidel Castro never left Cuba for medical care.
You see the problem with your leaders is that they are educated in systems that is not their own. They are like disease only they attack themselves and self distruct. These are the leaders you have. Thn expect nothing else. You are better off taking someone with a ocal high school diploma, for leader. Those deem highly educated will never take you anywhere. I am barely a graduate.

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Re: Our Presidents are visionless.
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