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'It is unjust' - Cuban government demands payment for its doctors in Ghana

Comment: Wow! So Poignant! Kudos!! Our Leaders ..

G. K. Berko
2018-05-14 13:22:22
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Wow! Your comment is so poignant that I don't need to add to its essence. I would only want to analyse the underlying problem a bit, and point to where most of the blame lies.

Our Political Leaders are to blame squarely for that growing gap of under-utilization of our man-power, in this case our local Doctors.

Surely, the Cuban Doctors have been used to numb any effective lobbying by our Medical Personnel to get adequately decent emoluments from the Government which is their principal employer. That attests to the sheer evil negligence of the ultimate welfare of our People and country by our Political Leaders.

The Cubans are not blame. They are doing the global humanity an invaluable service with that availability of quality Medical Personnel to all poor countries, while creating a source of respectable and decent employment for their citizens.

What we need to ask ourselves includes whether the Cubans receive lesser emoluments to do their work than our local Doctors who have employment with the Government.

If that is the case, we must concede that our own Government is undermining the welfare of our local Doctors, and not implementing the basic fair trade act requirement in Business. Moreover, we need to ask if we are better off with higher paid local Doctors than cheaper paid Cuban Doctors, assuming the performance quotient of both are at par.

While we need the Cubans to supplement any shortage of Doctors we have in Ghana, it is most cynical and self-destructive to replace our local Doctors with foreigners, no matter where they come from. On the other hand, if our Doctors are demanding more than our country could afford to keep them at work, then, that is a whole different ball game. And even so, the Nation has to be fully apprised of any such illogical, unreasonable demand by our local Doctors.

Nevertheless, I don't think our local Doctors have ever cherished taking our Citizenry for ransom in squeezing the Government to acquiesce to their perceived unreasonable demands. So, let us ask the overarching question: "Are our local Doctors' demands excessive and unreasonable?"

We have witnessed the grossly corrupt and fraudulent misappropriation of State funds and vital assets by our Political Leaders over the years with little Justice to remedy the situation. So, if the Politicians could get away with such massive corruption in which they steal our billions to maintain lavish lifestyles and accumulate wealth that they never shed a sweat for, why wouldn't our Doctors demand to be paid what they really deserve for working their butts off to save our lives?

It may well be the plight of the Citizens caught in the middle that justifies the presence of the Cuban Doctors in our midst. Therefore, the Public ought to wisely assess the situation before blaming the Cuban Doctors or their Government for their presence in Ghana.

That said, I wish the Cuban Government would take into account how our Government has been dealing with our local Doctors before agreeing to sending any more of theirs to help us out.

I also appeal to the Akufo-Addo regime not to play Politics with the Cuban Doctors but pay them every Cent they deserve to date. After all, they might have come to Ghana totally out of their own volition. They could have been imposed upon by their Government or deceived. Additionally, it is not fair for us to make their lives unbearable in anyway, just as we should not do to our own local Doctors.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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05-14 07:09
Wow! So Poignant! Kudos!! Our Leaders ..
G. K. Berko
05-14 13:22