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'It is unjust' - Cuban government demands payment for its doctors in Ghana

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Col. Q
2018-05-14 12:25:01
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Why Cuban Doctors in Ghana?

Who told you this big lie that "Ghanaian medical facilities are better/modern than Cuba's" ?!?!? How many of the "home trained" Ghanaian Doctors are ready and prepared to work in the rural areas? There are lot of unoccupied positions and jobs for the Ghanaian doctors and yet we have scores of doctors unemployed sitting at home for couple of years! If you can't employ them, go the "Cuban way" and export your doctors, at least they would acquire practical experience and also earn hard cash and money for themselves and the country! The same with our nurses and other medics! The Govt should start signing agreements with countries who are in need of medical personel- Nana Addo can cut down on his "unnecessary trips and delegate some of the 110 "jobless" ministers etc to embark on such missions! In the middle East and some european countries ther are shortages in medical personel like in Ghana, but at least they can afford to pay our "people" good money for their services! IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY JOBS IN THE COUNTRY OR CAN'T PAY THESE GHANAIAN TRAINED AND QUALIFIED MEDICAL PERSONEL, WHY DON'T YOU LOAN THEM OUT FOR THE MEANTIME TO THOSE WHO WOULD NEED AND CAN PAY THEM REGULAR SALARIES WITH ALL THE BENEFITS ATTACHED!By the way , the article is a very good and typical example of poor journalism -aka "noko fioo" journalism.

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05-14 07:09
Re: Why Cuban Doctors in Ghana?
Col. Q
05-14 12:25