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'It is unjust' - Cuban government demands payment for its doctors in Ghana

Comment: Our Presidents are visionless.

Kofi Oppong
2018-05-14 10:24:32
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'It is unjust' - Cuban government demands payment

No, no, no for our country, Ghana. This is the biggest disgrace my country has ever witnessed. How on earth can Cuban medical doctors be unpaid for such number of months while healing and saving lives of Ghanaians, not only in urban areas but the most rural areas that our own trained local medical doctors have refused to go? But the NPP government has money to pay for frivolous expenses such as party awards night for NPP activists, presidential trips for the President Akufo Addo's family members to shop in the UK?. Is this the change Ghanaians are looking for?. Nurses, teachers, doctors and road contractors have not been paid for several years!!!!!. So, what at all is the government using our taxes for? Another useless government busy about nothing. Is our country under a curse or what. Just cannot understand why with all these natural resources, no elected leader can see the wisdom of depending on our God given resources to revamp the country through developing our agricultural potentials base on the policy of operation feed yourself, eating what we grow and growing what we eat? Shameless leaders going outside with cup in hand begging for money and turning round to create, loot and share these IMF monies!!!!!.

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05-14 07:09
Our Presidents are visionless.
Kofi Oppong
05-14 10:24