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Agric Minister seeks investment in avocado

Comment: Please don't insult objectivity is Key

Paa Osei
2018-05-13 11:33:09
Comment to:

To get Ghanaians off the street selling all sorts of secndhand goods into Agriculture is not an easy task. Ghanaians prefer travelling all the way to Bokina Faso to buy tomatoes to sell on the streets of Ghana to buying from Ghanaian farmers. Let alone to go into farming to produce and sell themselves. You see, that is the type of people we have in Ghana.They easily subscribe to ostensive way of making quick money in real effect they petronize foreign goods and create employment outside Ghana. So my dear friend, don't insult the honorable Minister because it rather makes sense to bring the foreigners here to creat employment and preoduce in Ghana. The Asante man you are insulting is cleverer than you. Then at the end of the day we also stand firm to gain.Just like in China and everywhere in the World of trade.

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05-13 07:32
Please don't insult objectivity is Key
Paa Osei
05-13 11:33