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50 Agric graduates to undergo training in Israel

Comment: Mr.AM, where's the public policy?

C.Stephen Sackey.
2018-05-14 04:51:40
Comment to:
50 Agric graduates to undergo training in Israel

Mr.Agricultural Minister, so Ghana has the
" land, water and personnel" to turbo- charge an avocado investment.
Great and dandy.
What is your ministry's agricultural policy vis- vis the overall country's investment policy or broadly it's economic policy
Where could interested persons read up on such policy, if there is any ?
Or Mr Minister you're managing the ministry from the seat of your pants?

Mr. Minister, it's the co-ordination of such policies that would interest potential agro investors. not some pie in the sky pronouncements from a country which can fit right into Greater Accra.
I don't know much about this guy but from his confirmation hearings- came across very snooty in that hearings- and following him since, it appears his only ace in the hole for being a Minister is having been a childhood friend of the President.
To me he's all hat and no cattle.

And regrettably also, he makes stuffs up.
Like his assertion a while back of having created 750,000 new jobs in the agricultural sector alone
And, also while in Israel making assertions that the government has allocated large hectares of land available for agriculture.
Where are these lands located and who has the title deeds to those properties and are they contained in an agricultural policy of the government ?

Look we are all want this great African patriot- H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo government to succeed, but he can't - which would be a huge disappointment - if he keeps such characters as his ministers.

If I were to advice the President I'll tell him to cut this guy loose- childhood friend be damned- if he wants to save his Presidency.
And that goes for other Ministers as well who are also not delivering on their mandates.
H.E be bold enough to jettison those dead-weights from your administration.

Look...I am a dye-in- the wool Pan Africanist and belief Nana is the second coming of Osagyefo, so naturally I pray for him to succeed to thus make this century the African Century.

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