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Akufo-Addo shocks NDC protestors in London


2018-04-23 12:15:16
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Akufo-Addo shocks NDC protestors in London

Clearly a rehash and a repolish of the disgraceful episode of the original embarrassing story Nana Addo was subjected to in London. There was nothing bravery or statesmanship in Nana Addo waving his shame away when clearly his wife was seen throwing her hands up, out of frustration and disgrace her husband was exposed to in the international media arena. How else could a president of a country be disgraced in less a manner than Nana Akuffo Addo was disgraced in the UK. It does not take millions or thousands of decerning protesting voices on an issue to register opinion in Europe or the American countries. The messages of the protest is key and important even if it was carried out by a loan protester, neither the response or the defiance of the target individual or his body language is of any significance anymore but the messages therein. Take it or leave it, the message of the protesters has been sent out there to the international community and that's focus for the protest and not the local NPP twisted repolished stories laden with usual lies Ghanaians have come to know the NPP with. Unfortunately for the NPP the social media is beyond anyone's manipulation and larger than the NPP can clamp down under propaganda. The entire world saw the DISGRACE Nana Akuffo Addo the president of Ghana was exposed to, in a manner never in the history of this great nation Ghana and Ghanaians have ever experienced. Not even the recalcitrant and defiant President Robert Mugabe in his days as the longest and in the world was so openly insulted and ridiculed on international platform to the surprise of many around the world. NPP party should take it in their stride because that's exactly the seed of insults and disrespect to President Mahama the NPP party planted on their way to rescuing power from the NDC; there should be no regret if NPP gets paid back in equal terms and this is just the beginning and the subsequent protest around the world will send the most clear message to the NPP that the country GHANA is not an enclave any self seeking individual tribes or political group or President can claim ownership and do whatever pleases him and feels unquestionable as long as it serves a long unexploited ambition of bringing to the fore an already moribund history their ancestors either living or dead had yearned for. Ghana is beyond Nana Akuffo Addo and his small tribe's Akyems enclave territories. The message sent in the UK is clear and very well enough established and will surely grow bigger against him anywhere around the world against him around the globe else he refuses to travel abroad anymore.

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