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Don't underestimate distraction - Policy Analyst tells Akufo-Addo

Comment: promise and fail weak leaders

insight to the bone
2018-03-30 11:41:58
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we dont want jubilee

We lost our way a long time ago and are still wandering in the darkness. Imagine Israel appointing a Palestinian Muslim Arab to head their BNI , amateurism mixed with plain stupidity .NPP is displaying pitiful amateurism and dangerously weak leadership . Political criminals and their civil service cronies are walking around free as birds . After the next election these criminals because of their affluence and wealth will be parading around as pillars of morality and stakeholders in our society . What a damn shame that even treason promoters are given bail to walk around instead of them arresting the co conspirators . Our government is failing horribly. A simple US base they couldn't insist on but its ok for Bawumia to bring 3000 Islamic Arab terrorist teachers and now we have a pepeni in charge of BNI , what happened to the rights and justice for the majority? An amateur is one whose heart my be in the right place and has the will and desire but no skills or knowledge of how to get things done professionally and that what these appointees of Nana are displaying . Gross illiteracy in strategic matters of importance . Hypocrites and liars taking up media time , question: when our peace keeping forces go somewhere are they under the jurisdiction of the host country ? No . Can anyone force cooperation on the army ? no. Does the army not give its input into everything the ministry of defense does ? i am surprised our fake ass army and security agencies were quiet and could have the balls to tell the people we are not equipped or capable of fighting ISIS or boko harem on our own.Even Assad could not defeat them without the assistance of all superpowers. We accept this privilege the Americans have given us and we Akans will make sure they see our land as their home too just like our people prosper in their country. We observe and note all those who are vehemently complaining all prospered or benefited from the coups , fake revolution and rule of the gun ,its over and now we Akans control shit. This even better than the free education , finally NPP shows some balls .Now its time to disband our fake corrupt police , armed forces and security together with the corrupt incompetent civil service. They have bought houses in East Legon and other exclusive places in Accra the thieves that they are . We welcome the bases with the Fanti speaking people and prepare now for war against these Islamic menace with their pepeni /ayigbe allies . So when the boko harem infested Nigerian army gets involved we will have our Americans fighting with us . God Bless America. See all these destabilizers of national security the offspring of Kotoka's ideology Rawlings making noise. Had we had significant American presence there is no way all these retrogressive coups would have succeeded or the persecution of prominent Akans under the cover of fake revolutions would have happened . Like it or not whatever insight to the bone says comes to pass. We Akans patriots fully support this deal as no country that has accepted these bases has suffered .Read the agreement Germany (with their brain power of over 50% of the Nobel prize winners being German) had and you will see that this one is a huge improvement. Learning from the experiences of South Korea , Germany Italy , Britain and all the lesser nations who gained between 5 and 15 billion dollars a year pumped into their economies we Akans have decided this is good. This is business and security so you ideologically misled idiots should shut up with the skin pain and allow a better standard for our children.

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promise and fail weak leaders
insight to the bone
03-30 11:41