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Araba Bentsi Enchill must lead CPP in 2020 - Members demand

Comment: Provide an agenda and let us....

Abeeku Mensah
2018-03-16 15:42:38
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Araba Bentsi Enchill must lead CPP in 2020 - Membe

The current breed of wannabe CPP members should just shut up for a change and put out their own manifesto that would show the Ghanaian voter the difference between the pandering of the NPP, NDC and others to be accepted by our colonial masters and being independent and truly free from slave era chains on the brain. Should in case the CPP wannabe do not see I am here to remind folks that the current breed of political parties, NPP, NDC and all have never produced an original thought, idea and ideal neither do they have any new thought provoking ideas beyond stealing and or copying from our former colonial master; just listen to how proud they are when the talk about their education training in the UK, US, Canada etc even if they have little to nothing to show for as their contribution to the progress of mankind or society other than earning paychecks like everyone else. Just do it and separate men and women from these fake political parties still being puppets on strings as their puppet masters pull their strings from afar.

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03-16 00:44
Oyibi Sebo
03-16 04:42
Provide an agenda and let us....
Abeeku Mensah
03-16 15:42