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Chief Justice calls for inclusive consultation to sustain Free SHS

Comment: Sustenance is the problem

2018-02-18 12:00:05
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Chief Justice calls for inclusive consultation to

In fact, it's the only way forward ;having a broad consensus across the political spectrum or divide including academics and business experts to redress and find solution to the problem. This issue is of national interest ;a human capital development and must be implemented properly and funded by putting effective mechanism in place to sustain its operation perpetually . Even if the mistake has been done in the rushing of its implementation. Good policy but sustenance is the key problem surrounding its functionality . It has to be tax based rather than natural resources perspectives which doesn't increase exponentially in tandem or proportion with the population growth and can cause disequilibrium and subsequently leading to its collapse.
I may also suggest the government stops the teachers and nurses training allowances reintroduced and divert the funds into the scheme /programme .

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02-18 09:42
Sustenance is the problem
02-18 12:00