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Sack non-performing ministers – AFAG tells Akufo-Addo


2018-02-15 10:29:20
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Sack non-performing ministers – AFAG tells Akufo

It is a sad reflection of our national incompetence that governance at the local level is missing. After the PNDC had laid a solid foundation for decentralisation and devolution of authority through the MMDAS and the DISEC concepts, the Chief Executives still look up to Central Government for solutions to local problems.
The DCEs cannot tackle sanitation problems. Vehicular and trading activities choke highways and pavements. The N1 has been turned into trotro stations. Buildings are sited anyhow; residences in the middle of streets, churches and drinking spots in the midst of residences ad and officials look on. Mechanical workshops are sited on streets and the MTTU is absent from the streets to check lawlessness.
There is no interaction between the local authorities and the people and therefore valuable intelligence is lost.
Our problem is not the absence of laws and regulations but the lack of implementation by officials paid by the state to maintain law and order.
The President thought that with a broadened administration, ministers would pay attention to detail. Sadly, most ministers are either confused about their portfolios or simply inept.
The Ministers of Local Government and the Environment do not offer leadership. The Minister of Interior is working hard but he has to get the MMTU to work as the IGP seems to have forgotten the reason for its creation.
Ghana can work if we have committed leadership to support the Presidency. Perhaps a good dose of ex - military and para - military personnel who are tried and tested should constitute a good mix of the District Chief Executives in order to lay down law and order at the local level.
The vilification of the African will only stop if government appointees would be made to work. Mr President, you have to be resolute if your agenda is to succeed. If there is talk about your losing the next election, it is because the bottom is loose.

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