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WASSCE should be written in May not February - Government

Comment: A good adjustment.

2017-12-02 08:11:49
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WASSCE should be written in May not February - Gov

A good start to improve the educational standards of our children. But Standardized exams like WASSCE while positive measure do not capture the total experience ( qualitative and quantitative) our children need to assimilate by the time they get out of SHS. Our schools emphasize and examine depth of knowledge of various academic subjects but fall short on the breath of other knowledge like citizenship’, leadership, morality and basic common sense. We leave teachings of morality to the religious institutions who are perceived to be corrupt themselves? So we end up producing dependent youth who do not want to fly from the coop.( Daddy mma) to be self starters, or con artists doing computer fraud or most them through the old boy network who see the public purse as theirs to be looted and shared without sanctions?
We need a conversation about our educational outcomes all the way through the university levels. The Asians have sorted that out and are now very competitive with the western world. It is not enough to put our children through school . The breath and depth of their educational experience must make them globally competitive in skills and be good citizens.

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A good adjustment.
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