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Free SHS challenges: Apologize to Mahama - NDC communicator to President

Comment: Free SHS Challenges

2017-11-22 01:31:30
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Free SHS challenges: Apologize to Mahama - NDC com

There are challenges to be overcome in carrying out or implementing any vision. Corrections are carried out as the implementation is in progress. This happens in all endeavours.
In the Space race between the then Soviet Union and USA, there was that Woman Soviet Cosmonaut who went to Space alone, and on her return journey, during the re-entry of her Spacecraft into the earth's atmosphere, she started burning. She started communicating to earth that, She was hot. Due to the speed she was travelling in the atmosphere and the lack of enough lagging on her spacecraft, she was burnt to death. That was the challenge that was discovered and rectified. Now space travel is a marvel.
There are always initial problems no matter how best plannings have been carried out to effect a programme. Patience is needed in every field of endeavour. Please let's allow for a chance for correction in this case of the Free SHS Programme implementation.

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Free SHS Challenges
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