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Rawlings fires Valerie Sawyerr; says she has no integrity

Comment: Worthless Back & Forth

Marcus Ampadu
2017-08-17 14:21:59
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Rawlings fires Valerie Sawyerr; says she has no in

It is a farce at this very moment to talk about your opponent lacking integrity, when you yourself lack it big time. What our nation needs in this difficult time is HONESTY & UNITY, more than integrity.

In our efforts to establish Patriotic Democracy for the 21st. century, we need honesty to checkmate the excessive corruption in our midst & we need unity to deal with galamsey activities, armed robbery, vigilantism, security threats from terrorists, & last but not the least Fulani menace.

Seriously, both J J Rawlings & Valerie Sawyerr should direct their energy & efforts to help build the foundation of Patriotic Democracy in Ghana if they honestly have shreds of integrity left in their bones.

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08-17 11:28
Worthless Back & Forth
Marcus Ampadu
08-17 14:21