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Rawlings fires Valerie Sawyerr; says she has no integrity

Comment: Where's the Abacha money???

2017-08-17 13:16:20
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Rawlings fires Valerie Sawyerr; says she has no in

And what integrity does Rawlings have? None whatsoever. Where's the Abacha money? Did he not fraudulently give state assets to his wife? Initially, he denied ever receiving any money. Later, he claimed it was $2m and not $5m. Well, even if $2m, where's it? What happened to it? Is the money injured? He killed many people for nothing and has the nerves to be accusing others of not having integrity. Ghanaians must not only demand answers from him but also demand he returns the money. Thief!!!

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08-17 11:28
Where's the Abacha money???
08-17 13:16