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Mahama now chief lobbyist for Dubai companies


Sergeant Lee
2017-07-23 16:36:23
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Mahama now chief lobbyist for Dubai companies

Hey there, all you silly, stupid NPP malafakas throwing scorn on the super-gentle Mahama..!!! I'm surprised that dirty cockroaches like you have the impudence to open your stinky mouths on Mahama when you have that 3-feet boutique Dwarf as your president. That man with no teeth but stinky dentures, the man with yucky, deep yellow phlegms filling all his bloody nose, that evil dwarf who keeps an illiterate called Owusu Bempa as his special cabinet advisor and spiritual god! Well, that can happen only because the man is a pure dumbhead; i mean he's brain dead. How could one have a father as a president, being so materially endowed, and still graduate with a shameful, miserable 3rd-class degree in the 1970's, when it was much, much easier to hit a first-class way back then than it is now??? It means, by today's standards, your Nana would have been a miserable 4th-class graduate if there were such a class. This is the dimwit you people would never stop hailing as your Messiah. Tweaaaa, a champion wee smoker and cocaine disciple who has no friends except wee and cocaine Barons??? This stupid Nana man, even though he's the Abusuapanyin of Ghana, yet fears an accomplished COCAINE INVESTOR called Ken like kakai??? Eii, NPP has no shame...!!! To allow this foolish, wee smoking, empty-headed imbecile to deceive you that he's a lawyer when you clearly know he's got NO such law certificate? If you really care to know the truth, go to Nana Konadu; she'll give you all the facts you need to know, that this Nana guy is nothing but a smooth conman. Addo is no lawyer, and can never ever be one!!! He simply hasn't got that mentality and brain-wiring to be one. You see this deadhead only slangs inaudible, caricature English, and you have the audacity to compare him to the master communicator called Mahama? What the hell...??? All of you guys should go and help teach your Nana how we clean and wipe our nose phlegms properly before you come and match him against Mahama. For your information, Mahama always stands and kisses Lordina anytime and anywhere he pleases. He doesn't need to be carried up by Lordina and placed on a chopbox before getting his kiss. Go and ask your Dwarf the many times he has had to be carried by Becky before he can kiss. F*cking, stupid, malafakas...!!! Bring the fight on; we'll shred you to your true sizes!

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07-23 09:07
Sergeant Lee
07-23 16:36