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Mahama now chief lobbyist for Dubai companies

Comment: External corrupt deals ll unmake JDM

Alhaji Yussif
2017-07-23 12:43:06
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Mahama now chief lobbyist for Dubai companies

There's a very good reason why the framers of our contrition put in that clause,but you see any former president who thinks he's smart enough or has use his former office to establish a relationship with another president so can engage in secret businesses is just sitting on a time bomb.Politic in Africa is full of corruption,one day another president ll take over and all this secrets ll be expose just like some secrets coming out in Ghana,every criminal lacks good judgement.Namibia is part of Africa and her citizens read news,they heard about the energy failures in Ghana,they heard about Ameri and how they inflated the cost of business for us to pay,so our former president should be very careful he doesn't fall into the corruption trap in Namibia.John Mahama,s love for money is beyond human comprehension and that's what ll unmake him,it has send him to opposition yet he won't learn,what does he need all this money for?does he think of judgment day?has he thought of the grave and how narrow it's?well just hope the story is not true because what goes around,comes around.

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07-23 09:07
External corrupt deals ll unmake JDM
Alhaji Yussif
07-23 12:43