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What Akufo-Addo & NPP said in 2009/2013 on size of government etc

Comment: Akufo is a heartless president!

2017-03-23 09:03:07
Comment to:
Evil dwarf ritualist will die soon

NANA respectful president my ass!
ever since Akufo Addo became president of Ghana, women are no more safe! vagina assault and homosexuality in kumasi, raping children and own young daughters, teenage pregnancy mostly in the Volta region and kumasi , seizing private vehicles, fighting over used toilets in kumasi, stealing and attacking police in the flagstaff house became the order of the day by this invisible forces! we didn't vote for this disgraceful behavior! invisible terrorist keep on terrorizing Ghanaians women and children. NANA is the president now and if he can't control his own terrorist, then NANA must resign now. please join me to demonstrate against this wicked AKufo! we don't want terrorist president with invisible terrorist!!! i vote for NANA because i thought NANA have some sense but he is the most useless and worst president ever on this planet.
that short man lair to us ! he betray us!
he must go now! we want peace !!!!!!!
God bless Ghana!

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03-22 02:46
Akufo is a heartless president!
03-23 09:03