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What Akufo-Addo & NPP said in 2009/2013 on size of government etc

Comment: Bullet must go to prison for 60 years

2017-03-22 10:43:54
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What Akufo-Addo & NPP said in 2009/2013

To be honest,Npp government is not good for Ghanaians,anytime this political party Npp comes to power Evils doers would rocks the country,if not mysterious deaths then arm robbers. Dangerous criminals has been created by Npp officials to assasinate people and drugs dealings. The dangerous criminal was arrested at Agbogboloshie konkomba market whose nick himself Bullet was hired by Npp officials. Bullet is the most dangerous arm robber whose robbs every night killings. When Npp came to power Nana Addo and Kenedy Agyapong went to Tamale and hired that mother fucking criminal to claims lives in Accra. Bullet told Konkomba market women that it is Npp that hired him. Bullet created most powerful dangerous gangsters. Bullet was arrested and put before court but Npp officials trying to release him to continue his killings. Bullet was rapping women at night,stealing monies from people,attacking beer bars,mobilephones motorbikes. If any Npp officials think they can release tribal war shall be created in this country after all Nana Addo was labble as most violent leader we all knew already. Bullet must be jaile 60years in prison. Bullet whose real name is Yakubu Alidu he is even more than Ata Ayi. He has machine guns shooting every corners.

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03-22 02:46
Bullet must go to prison for 60 years
03-22 10:43