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Rejection of allowance path to renewed nationalism - Group

Comment: Patriotism does not come this cheap

Abeeku Mensah
2017-01-03 18:11:25
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Rejection of allowance path to renewed nationalism

In the first get go, was PPG members selected by a national body or by NPP executives? Has PPG members been vetted? How is it one arm of the NPP is pretending to give a damn about the feelings of anyone outside of the NPP while plots are hatched on how to get rich or die trying by fanatics and zealots? PPG must not make claims unless supported by facts and or literature reviews. A business owner can always make sacrifices knowing what he/she gets in return from the poor souls who work, without appreciation and or respect, to bring in the company's revenue. Smart business owners do create a worker culture built through best practices and procedures workers must conform and or adhere to or get fired.
There are no such government institution best practices and procedures in place are there? If there were existing practices and procedures in place, PPG members would not be making things up as they go.

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01-03 10:20
Patriotism does not come this cheap
Abeeku Mensah
01-03 18:11