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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: A critique of Akufo-Addo’s 'Thank you' tour

Comment: I Dissagree

Nii Teiko
2017-01-01 02:16:31
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It is very important to understand the culture and tradition of the people before you can deal with them. Development evolve in stages; that is, you cannot count two before the count of one.

The Western World pass the stage of most of the third world countries some 100s of years ago. The system, and the institutional structures of GHANA today is just like that of the United STATES in the 18th century. We will gradually catch up but not necessarily abandon our culture entirely for that of the West.

China, Japan, Singapore, India... did not abandon their cultures and adopt that of the Americas before they achieve the enviable feet they have today. All we got to do is to build strong institutions, well cut in the mold of the rich part of our cultures and traditions, to pave way for an onward transition into a successful nation.

It, therefore, behoves the one who want to lead the nation to be well cultured and nurtured, and familiar with the cultures and traditions of the people, in the other to better understand their ways of doing things. By so doing, it will be easier to diagnose and offer perfect solutions to the pressing needs of masses.

That is the more reason why Nana Addo getting back to the good people, the chiefs and other stake holders, to show respect and appreciation, and to lobby for their support to lead the nation to the promise land is laudable.

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I Dissagree
Nii Teiko
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