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Corruption, broken economy, dumsor Mahama’s legacy - Akufo-Addo

Comment: Your Legacy is Corruption!

Y.. Mensah
2016-06-30 04:43:13
Comment to:

Akufo-Addo, you're indeed a shameless, conscienceless and dirty politician for saying that President Mahama's administration is characterised by "the wanton theft of state resources, widespread cases of corruption and a broken economy". You must be daydreaming when you made such a statement, for those are the very ills that dogged the Kufuor administration in which you played critical roles as Attorney-General and Minister of Justice and later as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Have you forgotten how Kufuor and his whole NPP leadership, including you, cheaply sold off government lands and other properties right and left to themselves. You personally engaged deeply in some of the corrupt activities. Among them are the following:

1. You claim to be a lawyer, but you've so far failed to tell Ghanaians where precisely you earned your law degree. We do know that you were kicked out of the University of Oxford and that you returned home and entered the University of Ghana where you earned a 3rd class degree in economics. You said your law certificate is missing, but are there not legal ways of getting a replacement for your certificate if you did in fact earn it but lose the original?

2. As Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, you oversaw the de-confiscation of your cousin Raymond Amankwah, a noted cocaine baron's frozen assets. He thus got away scot-free.

3. As Attorney-General, you in 2001 suddenly discontinued prosecuting Frank Benneh for drug trafficking, a case that the then NDC's Deputy Attorney-General Mr. Martin Amidu had started vigorously.

4. As Attorney-General, you failed to prosecute three NPP Dzorwulu branch drug queens who had been arrested in February 2002 at the Kotoka International Airport for attempting to export cocaine outside the country. Not only did the case vanish into thin air, but their dockets also mysteriously disappeared.

5. Unlike any other NPP (or UP or Progress Party) leader or potential leader, you alone have been accused of drug addiction. Why is it so?

6. As Minister of Foreign Affairs, you issued diplomatic passports to your cronies who were arrested overseas for drug trafficking.

7. The GNPC drill ship saga also hangs around your neck. What happened to the rest of the money from the sale of the ship?

8. And when the history of the Fourth Republic is written, it will be indicated that it was the Kufuor's NPP administration that turned Ghana into a cocaine hub in the West African sub-region.

Akufo-Addo, the above are among the pertinent corruption issues you must address. You can't merely ignore them and pretend that you're uncorrupt and incorruptible while President Mahama and his administration are the real culprit. You just can't throw dust into Ghanaians' eyes.

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06-29 18:57
Your Legacy is Corruption!
Y.. Mensah
06-30 04:43