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Corruption, broken economy, dumsor Mahama’s legacy - Akufo-Addo

Comment: Akufo Addo's LEGACY!!! Hurray !!!

2016-06-30 05:32:30
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Corruption, broken economy, dumsor Mahama’s lega

And Akufo Addo's legacy is fondling of married women's breasts all n public and the use of buttocks to eulogies women in a tribute after they are dead.

Another legacy of this profane and filthy dwarf is his cocainenut head streaming yellowish green CONDENSED MILK from his nose in public. Can u imagine if this had happened at the United Nations Assembly.

The Infamous and nonsensical 'all die be die' and the 'TWO BALLS' legacy is again waiting for the kapwepwe in Nov. And such a character wants to be Ghana's president. We shall know the true size of the dwarf in Nov. President Kufuor advised the NPP but they sold their conscience to the arrogant old evil dwarf.

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06-29 18:57
Akufo Addo's LEGACY!!! Hurray !!!
06-30 05:32