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Corruption, broken economy, dumsor Mahama’s legacy - Akufo-Addo

Comment: ****NANA KOLOMASHIE*****

2016-06-29 20:05:03
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From his demeanour, family background, utterances, actions and inactions it is becoming more obvious who Nana Addo Dankwa Akkufo Addo aka “Odikro of no town” whose futile and nonsensical evidence presented to the great court of the land, champion by his “HIP POP LIAR Political Economist” Dr. Bawumia to deprive millions of Ghanaians a true choice is gradually becoming known to all.

It was by his actions that sent a grey signal to stakeholders of this country and scared majority of businesses especially the multi nationals and some local entrepreneurs to withhold their vibrant activities due to widespread of war mongering and collateral damage meted out to life and properties (especially when one considers the serial market burnings) which was looming in the country all because Nana Addo and his men have lost an election and they are simply refusing to accept defeat; when it was very glare that they have lost.

His great grandfather (JB Danquah) did same to Nkrumah and his father ( Edward Akkufo Addo) followed the same traits, who was later imprisoned and now it is Nana Addo’s turn .WALATALAHI...NO WAY THIS TIME!!!!!

He is leading a campaign of indiscipline and has so far portrayed no decency in mannerism, character or in speech. His proverbial ill character in the use of vile words against his opponents is very abhorring and anti-social. His public speeches are out of date and have no connection with current trends of social developments. .

Unfortunately he is deep into it there is something wrong with the chemical constituents that form the brain of these Dankwas/ Busia’s? Are there no wise men among them? Or did their fathers die with all the sense that will guide them today? Well a decorated monkey remains a monkey; like father like son. None have morals

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