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Group ‘exposes’ Naa Torshie’s plot to campaign against Ahenkora

Comment: some pple are simply not using their minds

True Patriot
2016-01-06 18:05:27
Comment to:
Group ‘exposes’ Naa Torshie’s plot to campai

Don Harry or whatever u call urself, u and ur like minded friends are de very reason why our country and her hard working citizens are going through untold hardship and misery now. u and ur likes are de reason we have dis ever incompetent govt who has failed to pay health insurance providers hence leading to de collapse of one of de best social intervention policies ever. a govt who cannot even disburse district assemblies common fund, a govt which cannot pay Getfund monies, a govt which cannot pay caterers under de School feeding program, a govt which has run to de IMF for help due to mismanagement of de economy. I could go on and on but I shd say it's bcos of pple like ur kind who have feeble minds, pple who cannot discern facts from fancy, pple like u who have simply refused to think and ve allowed crazy party politics to blind ur judgement who still support this incompetent govt even though it is very evident that they are only running this country into ditch. the earlier u guys started thinking straight, de better it will be for ourselves and ur children

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01-06 15:54
some pple are simply not using their minds
True Patriot
01-06 18:05