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Group ‘exposes’ Naa Torshie’s plot to campaign against Ahenkora

Comment: RATS!!!!!!

2016-01-06 17:22:00
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Group ‘exposes’ Naa Torshie’s plot to campai

Last Don, you are really a Don. These are miserable rats who want power at all cost through all die be die methodology. When they are in power they loot and rob state covers, deal in narcotics, grabbing state properties left and right, kick backs from contractors, arrogance and power abuse, sleeping with peoples wives, tribalism (Akans form over 98% in their cabinet), nepotism, etc. And when they are in opposition they do everything possible to make the country ungovernable, spreading falsehood and unfounded allegations against the ruling govt., they throw bombs, unnecessary demonstrations, pointing accusing fingures at the Eletoral Commission, littering the city with dead bodies, yet they have no solution to the country's problems. They claim to be well educated yet they reason and argue like village illiterates. NPP what kind of creatures are you at all. Really miserable rats is the best description.

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