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Group ‘exposes’ Naa Torshie’s plot to campaign against Ahenkora

Comment: RATS !!!!

2016-01-06 15:54:45
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Group ‘exposes’ Naa Torshie’s plot to campai

Bush Dr Bawumia: Economic serial liar, thief of Baghdad in the redenomination exercise, economic sycophant with no shame, who will steal from his fathers and share with his friends for no benefits. A disgraced son suffering under the scourges of his father’s ghost

Akuffo Addo: No Certificate, acting like (Abu) in the thief of Baghdad movie; an old man filled with a lot of foolishness, WEE smoker, Cocaine Peddler, Drug President for Drug Barons, Ugly Dwarf litigant, Nation Wrecker sitting on 3million oil rig thievery, his father (Edward Akuffo Addo) traitor and money launder . You have lied too much.... everything you say has been painted to appease people but your demeanour betrays you. You are not honest your voice tone tells us all that you are a big liar. Tell Ghanaians your involvement with drill ship, cocaine and weed, your law school certificate, why you changed your name, who your Dad was working for? Your own achievements apart from being an attorney General and Foreign minister which we all know it was a political gimmick with questions.

Agyekum Kuffour and Addo Kuffour: Crime brothers from a typical MATREKO family with no conscience: International womanisers, Kick Back professionals
All we saw in eight years of Kuffour in office was day light robbery of properties and owning them at all cost. He supervised a regime of no shame, penetrated into state reserve lands and forcefully paid peanut for them. Siphoning from state account and redenominated the currency with impunity. They demonstrated arrogance and excess abuse of power. It is unbelievable how Kuffour`s numerous presidential initiatives headed by Allan Kyeremanteng, all ended up in “MATREKO WO” island. None of them prospered just like his mentor Dr. Abrefa Busia

Kennedy Agyapong: “Essikafo ammbetem” “ toke b3l3” ,a human replica of his house dogs. He will always eat shit even if cake is offered to him for free. A classic Junky

WONTUMI: the “ABODAM ENYIKAN” Lunatic fool, suffering from the poisonous water from “galamsey” the silliest Ashanti who has no aim. The real “MAGA DOG” who bites at shadows

Sammy Awuku a Lost hungry goat @ night bleating at any flash of light. Confused person with no balls

KT Hammond Mamaba gyimi gyimi with no conscience, you can tell that his body is 50 years older than his brains. Avum Jullor Eiwwiee. Where is the drill ship balance?

Sir John: A Villager who has had his first experience in the use of WC, Fridge, TV, tad road and wearing of proper sandals (Tuabodom Boy)

HOPESON ADORYE: The village “KING KONG” who has never experienced technology. He is still living in an illusive world where colours of a product matters more than its content. KWASIA like that. hahahaha

Nkrabea Effah Darteh :”Bankye na Ngo” lawyer with no decency. Dirty Person from a primitive bush where human sacrifice is their religion. Foolish dirty man ( ekurasi yeboa) opportunist politician whose benchmark is his stomach. Take “adom koko bitters laxative” to deflate your idiotic belly to make your brain function well!!! Aboa b3L3.

Obetsebi Lamptey: “Ofui Gyatoo, Magazine Oburoni” No certificates, state bungalow thief, stadium disaster donation thief, dirty occult grand master his father thief, TRAITOR and Bomb Thrower

Akomea: A total liability with no pedigree, Adult Pampas user, Chronic Gay with gross uncontrolled dirty pronouncements.

Minority Leader (Mensa Kyei Bonsu) Peadophile (aweengah,) Kobolo, wee smoker stealing food from the school pantry. Serial liar after Kwamina Bartels

Dr. Akoto-Osei Copy and Paste Doctorate degree holder the gap between his certificate and pronouncement is bigger than Lake Bosomtwe. He has no common sense.

URSULA OWUSU: The “bucket mouth” woman with derailed ambition.

Ken Dappah: A church mouse who has seen a Cat.

Gabby Otchere Darko: Akyem carikacher walking stick with dirty mould beard. Now Bullet Ninja ,,,,,, A chirping owl in Dodowa forest

Mustapha Hammid: A Loyal Donkey, Boys Abr3 !!!

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01-06 15:54
RATS !!!!
01-06 15:54