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Sarpong’s dismissal part of Mahama's 1-million Ashanti vote plot – Minority

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insight to the bone
2015-03-05 14:41:21
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Yes ,Boko harem is already in the flagstaff house .After the murder of Mills these pepeni Muslim mafia criminals still believe they are above us and continue with their tribalism tactics to make we Akans second class citizens and slaves in our own country .Go to any Muslim country and you you will find out that sooner or later your life will be in jeopardy , your wife will be immediately forced to comply with their customs and ways and eventual be covered up in a burke. Here they now mount a campaign to justify their plans to establish boko harem as they know mahama will not even make it to the end of his term because of some fake discrimination accusation.
time for talk has passed , we will drive their evil Islamic mafia corrupt fake ass religion out . my cutlass is ready , we all know boko harem came only because a christian rules Nigeria and we in Ghana will have boko harem when we boot this pepeni idiot of a president out . we have already prepared ourselves for the final solution of war . Where was this CODEC and one Ghana when pepeni mahama was appointing his cabinet , over 75% of his high ranging officials are northerners , Muslims or ayigbe criminals ? They want to lynch some old Akan man because he dare raise the question of this injustice based on the fact that over 86% of the wealth belongs to the Akans . Where was the codec when the minority have begun to try and abolish Christianity in Ghana and force the catholic clergy to openly reject their stupidity. Everyday thousands of Christians are being killed in moslem dominated or controlled societies and in their continued wicked agenda show this bad taste by making unreasonable demands so they can justify later their stupidity and cause us to regress into the middle ages . ITs time to stand up and reject this govt , we should now not make it impossible to govern but also impossible for them to even move around safely

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03-05 14:22
waa look
insight to the bone
03-05 14:41