Politics of Friday, 5 September 2014

Source: The Republic

NDC Cadres root for Akwetey

United Cadres Front (UCF) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Greater Accra Region have declared their support for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) regional chairmanship bid of Mr. Stephen Akwetey.

According to them, Mr. Akwetey, who is one of the leading contenders in the chairmanship race is a true grassroots party activist who has duly paid his dues to the party as a staunch party faithful.

In his welcome address at a seminar organized by UCF in Legon- Accra, Efanam Nyaku aka. Zigie said that it’s about time Cadres push their own party activists into positions of authority, adding that he believes they have the men in the Cadres Front with the necessary skill at the grassroots level to push the NDC party forward.

Mr. Nyaku asserted that part of the NDC’s problem at the regional level in certain areas in the country is due to poor leadership styles and their lack of grassroots experience.

Zigie said the recent on-going branch elections were full of material and monetary gifts. Further alleging that, people are paying for their favourite members to be retained as constituency executives. An act, he thinks, will lead to the election of self-centred leaders into party positions.

He appealed to all party activists to help flush out the aforementioned elements of self-interest persons with the view to build a stronger and winning NDC team towards the 2016 general elections.

“Cadres are prepared to fight to get their people who have the requisite and competent ideas to lead the party throughout the 2016 general elections, and not people whose only interest were to come and grope or continue to grope,” he stressed.

Cadres and party activists at the Legon SRC conference hall were elated by the ideas put forward by Mr. Stephen Akwetey, especially those who are aspiring to join the race for the national executive position.

Mr. Akwetey, a founding member of the NDC, who rose through the ranks before, during and after PDC era, asserted that it is time he joined the regional chairmanship bid as a Cadre.

This move enthuses the NDC’s Tertiary Institutions Network (TEIN) group in the Greater Accra Region, who issued a statement rooting for Mr. Akwetey's candidature and urged all well-meaning party members and sympathizers to support the regional chairmanship bid of the man (Mr. Akwetey) for a more proactive and focused leadership.

The seminar, which was organized on the theme: “revitalizing the party executive structures for effective mobilization," Mr. Akwetey mentioned his visionary plan to transform the Greater Accra Regional NDC when he is voted in as the next chairman for the region.

After informing the Cadres leadership of the problems the regional NDC is facing, he disclosed establishing Greater Accra’s education fund (Gt. Accra EducFund) to mitigate the poverty the youth are facing in the region.

To assist those in need, he said another fund for health (Health-Fund) had been established for NDC members with a view to helping those in need, especially the elderly. Mr. Akwetey, whose ideas were well received by everyone at the Legon seminar, said this is largely to ensure that party followers in need of assistance in the region can access it.

As a serious Greater Accra Regional chairmanship aspirant, BS said the fund for Education and Health is operated with an SMS Plus account opened with Unibank as fund managers with the account number 1020 11373 3513, Spinters branch, Accra.

According to him, due to a lack of competent leadership, these ideas which could have been in place have eluded Greater Accra Regional NDC.