Politics of Sunday, 24 August 2014

Source: peacefmonline.com

Gov’t has never had its priorities right – Atik Mohammed

Policy Analyst of the People's National Convention (PNC), Atik Mohammed claims the National Democratic Congress [NDC] Mahama-led government has been visionless ever since the party was voted into power.

To him, for a government to overlook the cholera pandemic which has killed many of its citizens and is continuing to claim more lives and to rather set a fund to fight Ebola with no case recorded yet in the country since the outbreak in Africa, shows where its priority lies.

“This government [NDC] has never had its priorities right from the first day. Cholera is killing people right here in Ghana and there is no clear commitment from the presidency to fight against cholera. Ebola which has not been recorded in Ghana, yet the presidency has rather allotted 6 million cedis to fight against that,” he said.

Describing the current administration as “bad luck”, he also expressed worry over the President’s attitude towards combating the pandemic.

“Hospitals and clinics are overstretched due to the cholera outbreak and government seems not to care. There are no strategies from the president [John Mahama] to fight cholera again.”

“To me, all that is happening is not that strange but very unfortunate. Because ever since this government [NDC] came to power, all kinds of diseases which hitherto were unheard of or extinct have now reared their head because of this administration’s iniquities and poor handling of sanitation issues,” he said.

Speaking on Peace FM’s morning show Kokrookoo, Atik Mohammed urged government to quickly set up measures to contain Ghana’s sanitation woes.

“It is doable…we can make Ghana the cleanest nation ever, especially our cities. Government should pay sanitation workers. It is time government give sanitation the attention it deserves.

“…They [NDC] promised to make Accra clean in 100 days…and for 6 years now, it is dirtier than it was. This tells you that government cares less about sanitation. This government must get its priorities right,” he fumed.