Politics of Thursday, 10 July 2014

Source: adomonline

Deputy regional minister position is useless – Lecturer

An Economics Lecturer at the Kumasi Polytechnic, Thomas Kusi Boafo, has described as “needless and the waste of money” for government to appoint deputy regional ministers.

Speaking to Afia Pokuaa Vimlady on Burning Issues on Adom FM, the lecturer could not fathom why the deputy regional ministers are chosen because the MMCE/DCE's and the chief directors are there to perform certain tasks by the Ministers proper.

He said is a waste of the nation's resources on deputy regional ministers and if that idea is not changed, there will be a lot of sycophants surrounding the government who are not doing the President a favour.

Mr. Boafo noted that ten percent the President and the Ministers' salaries deducted sometime a ago isn’t enough, it should be half of their salary because the current economic hardship needs the sacrifices of the ministers.

The Economics lecturer further added that Ghanaians in particular have lost trust in the government because he keeps repeating those ministers in his reshuffle instead of new faces, and they keep doing their shoddy jobs.

He also urged the current ministers to sacrifice and deduct fifty percent of their salaries to help reduce economic hardship in the country now.

Mr. Boafo appealed to the President to scrutinize his government machinery because the bigger onus lies on the machinery to help fix the economic hardship. He said this is the time Government should remove subsidies if we really want to survive as a country because the system is inefficient.