Politics of Monday, 7 July 2014

Source: Graphic.com.gh

Manly-Spain urges NDC aspirants to uphold unity

An aspiring Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Henry Ekow Manly-Spain, has appealed to all aspirants seeking various positions within the NDC to let unity and party considerations transcend their parochial interest.

“Let me caution all aspirants to see the NDC as an egg in their hands which needs to be handled carefully and when manhandled can easily be broken,” he stated.

In an interview yesterday, he urged all aspirants seeking to win internal political power “to not sow seeds of discord and hatred among brethren.”

He declared “we all are a big family with a singular aim of making the NDC greater and stronger, and this requires unity of purpose to achieve our aims.”

The NDC has recently come out with an election timetable leading to their congress in October this year.

Already, various aspirants have declared their intention to contest various positions in the party. In the Greater Accra Region, for instance, Mr Manly-Spain and incumbent Regional Chairman, Mr Joseph Ade Coker, are expected to lock horns. For the national chairmanship slot, Mr Daniel Abodakpi, former Minister of Trade and Ghana’s envoy to Malaysia, and Mr Kofi Portuphy have declared their interest in the national position.

According to Mr Manly-Spain, “Anything that affects the NDC would definitely impact on the good governance of the country since we are currently in government.”

He, therefore, urged all aspirants to conduct themselves very well in the course of their campaigns by ensuring that they would do nothing to tamper with the prevailing peace and tolerance that existed among the party faithful.

Mr Manly-Spain mentioned the old and archaic ways of doing politics where aspirants who did not agree with other aspirants subjected each other to vitriolic attacks.

“Let’s base our campaign on issues and facts and desist from attacking individual aspirants with baseless allegations,” Mr Manly-Spain advised.

He explained that there was no way any political party in the country could defeat the NDC if there was unity in the party, adding that no party could win an election when it suffered divisions.

“We need to work closely together as one people from the same political party in order to retain power come the 2016 elections,” Mr Manly-Spain advised. To this end, Mr Manly-Spain urged his comrades to not sit on the fence, but to put their shoulders to the wheel to speed up the party’s development and progress by helping the government to succeed.

“Please let’s bury our differences so that with a united front we can develop the NDC and push the government to deliver,” he appealed.