Politics of Friday, 4 July 2014

Source: Inside Ghana

NPP Must Apologise To Women – Inside Ghana

Inside Ghana, a pressure group, has called on the Leadership of the NPP to render an unqualified apology to all women for ridiculing and embarrassing them in the wake of $156 million World Bank facility for educational infrastructure debate in parliament. “We find commentary in the House by some minority members especially Hon Akoto Osei, very offensive and insensitive to womanhood. Such desultory vituperation with intent to court public opprobrium and ridicule the government must not be entertained in our political space” said Mr. Spencer Quaye, Convener of the group and Alex Doe, Director of Operations, in a press statement released yesterday. According to INSIDE GHANA, the malicious and rancorous distortions by the NPP to the government’s initiative to provide a major social intervention aimed at improving the quality and facilitating access to education for the girl child in rural Ghana is nothing short of irresponsibility and insensitivity. The group further averred that reducing the debate to free sanitary pads which is indeed a component of litany of initiatives to address a peculiar problem associated with the girl-child dropping out of school and others missing as much as 6 weeks of learning time in an academic year is unacceptable and disgraceful. “It is therefore no brainer that a political party which prides itself with elitism and the tag of middle class will stampede an initiative which will provide quality and accessible education for all Ghanaians in all parts of the country. In meeting the MDGs, education enrollment for both boys and girls must be encouraged and sustained and natural biological factors which inhibit girls from the classrooms must be addressed” the statement said. The group said it was displeased and disgusted at the conduct of the NPP minority in Parliament and the party’s social communicators for bringing such obloquy to this laudable initiative which has brought tremendous positive impacts to many rural girls in other African countries, especially Kenya and Uganda. INSIDE GHANA therefore called on the Leadership of the NPP to render an unqualified apology to all women and girls.