Politics of Thursday, 1 May 2014

Source: Moses Yaw Krubi, Accra

Revealed: Ex-minister behind Terkper's coup

Interesting times for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in connection with how some persons are after the head of the otherwise hardworking Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Mr. Seth Terkper.

Rumors are all over the place that a former Minister of Finance and Economic Planning is behind the plot to make Mr. Terkper unpopular.

The rumor, which is gaining currency within the corridors of power, has it that Mr. Terpker once worked with the said minister, who has sworn to make things difficult for Mr. Terkper.

There are claims that the said former minister has said that he would make sure Mr. Terkper is fired and would also make sure that he gets his close ally to succeed him (Terkper).

Interestingly, the said former minister is alleged to have claimed elsewhere that he would spend money to get Mr. Terkper out and would recoup the money when his person takes over.

Certain top officials at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning are in league with the said former Minister because they had the easiest way of doing things during his tenure at the ministry.

Before Mr. Terkper took over the ministry, there were weird ways of doing things, including officials turning themselves into consultants and milking the state dry.

It is also rumored that the said former minister has managed to recruit some party people to go after Mr. Terkper just to have him fired.

Those calling for Mr. Terkper’s head are behaving as though nothing better has happened under the current Mahama administration.

NDC party gurus that have attacked Mr. Terkper include Dr. Kwabena Adjei, Mr. Mahama Ayariga, and Mr. Allotey Jacobs, with Alhaji Bature being the latest.

Mr. Terkper became the number one enemy following the decision of government not to award new contracts, but rather find ways of settling debts owed to contractors.

His crime was that he announced the collective Cabinet decision which took place in the presence of senior government and party officials.

Per the rumor, the former minister scheming to get Mr. Terkper out would want to see another person who worked under him become the minister, so that he could remote control him.

Just yesterday, two New Patriotic Party (NPP) persons expressed their disappointment over the manner the NDC was handling Mr. Terkper who has brought sanity at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

Mr. Kwadwo Okyere Mpiani and Dr. Mark Asibbey Yeboah have earned a great deal of respect and admiration from Ghanaians over how they handled those calling for Mr. Terkper’s head.

Unfortunately for the NDC, activists calling for the removal of Mr. Terkper are rather assaulting the President and the Vice President, who is the leader of the Economic Management Team.

Per the logic of the former minister, if Mr. Terkper has failed, the President and his Vice have failed and it also means that, as a former finance minister, he did not leave a better legacy.

Once Again, I want to ask, is it a crime to be truthful with the state of the economy.

If it is a crime, then President Mahama and his Vice should be arrested for being truthful on the state of the economy.

Until those hounding Mr. Terkper are able to arrest the President and his Vice for being truthful on the state of the economy, the finance minister should be left alone to do his work.

If it is the reason that he has blocked all “chop-chop” roads at the ministry, Mr. Terkper should mount more roads blocks to save the national kitty.