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Asogli Queen-mothers commend President Mahama


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2013-05-14 12:50:54
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Asogli Queen-mothers commend President Mahama

The Akans who voted for NDC that is what you expect. The north and ewes have joined now ruling Ghana . That was Rawlings and Kofi Awoonor's agenda with the help of some Akans. They used the Ashantis as stragedy and it has worked for them big time .They said they want to break the Akan hegemony and to the extend that Kofi Awoonor wanted all Ashantis to be cleansed from Ghana.Mahama played the race card in the north during the election by saying that he is from the north so they should vote for him Akuffo ADDO also should have said that I am Akan so the Akans should vote for me.Ghana is now like Rwanda, minority ruling majority.Are the ewes and the northerners the only educated people in the society? Get laptop computer be unemployed after leaving school.Ablakwa's first job is a minister of state. Akans unite and stop he is from Ashanti so.......If you are from Brong Ahafo, Denkyira, Wassa, AKUAPEM we all share the same name as Kofi Mensah or kWASI Agyeman etc , the ewes and the northerners see you as Ashanti and no job for you.

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