Politics of Friday, 26 October 2012

Source: The Informer

Akufo-Addo’s Anti-Ewe Agenda Rears Ugly Head Again

As Karbo Joins Ranks Of Hitler, Mussolini & Charles Taylor!!!

News Desk Report

It has never been in doubt that the UP fascist and secessionist political tradition has always had a deep-seated hatred for Ewes; and over the years, the agenda has reared its ugly head in various forms and sizes. Under John Agyekum Kufuor, many Ewes lost their jobs, just as it happened during the period of Kofi Busia.

Indeed, Akufo-Addo’s father was the Ceremonial President at the time that the UP Tradition under the watch of Busia waged its ethnic cleansing war against Ewes and people from the Volta Region.

Since Akufo-Addo became the flagbearer of the NPP, the anti-Ewe agenda has moved to very dizzy and evil heights, with Akufo-Addo being the mastermind of the hate campaign against Voltarians. In 2008, out of a desperate desire to become President of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana “at all cost”, Akufo-Addo got his cousin, Atta Akyea, to plot against the Volta Region. As part of the wicked plot, Atta-Akyea and his agents planned to move dead bodies from the Komfo Anokye Hospital mortuary and to litter the Volta Region with them to create the false impression that Ewes were in the business of dastardly murdering Ashanti NPP agents working in the Volta Region. God being so good, the evil agenda was exposed, and Akufo-Addo failed in his desperate bid to become President through evil and wicked means. 4 years has passed and Akufo-Addo and his assigns are once again breathing life into their anti-Ewe and Anti-Volta Region agenda.

A few weeks ago, it was the NPP’s most senseless and congenital psychopath, Kennedy Agyepong, who openly declared war on Ewes, and asked Ashantis and Akans to, beat, maim, kill, slaughter, behead, and totally annihilate Ewes. In the wake of the call by Kennedy Agyepong for Ewes to be slaughtered and eliminated, NPP Flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo maintained a stony silence on the matter.

Indeed, Akufo-Addo was the brain behind the storming of the Police Headquarters by NPP hoodlums when Kennedy Agyepong was invited by the police for questioning after making his ethnic cleansing statements.

Having been buoyed up by the tacit support of Akufo-Addo for the murderous comments of Kennedy Agyepong, many young elephants have been meeting and plotting to further deepen the anti-Ewe agenda.

The latest young elephant to be caught plotting to destroy Ewes, is, Anthony Abayefa Karbo, a strong aide to Nana Akufo-Addo.

Until last week, Karbo was the National Youth Organiser of the NPP. Anthony Karbo has been caught meeting some of Akufo-Addo’s MILITANTS, and informing them about the work he has been doing to import mercenaries from, Libya, Liberia, Togo and Benin, to be part of the goon squads that will be executing Akufo-Addo’s “All DIE BE DIE” agenda.

Speaking directly to Akufo-Addo’s anti-Ewe agenda, Anthony Karbo mentioned how some Ewe senior military officers will be “TARGETED” for elimination. Under the direct supervision of Kufuor and Lt. General J.B. Danquah, a certain Colonel Kwadwo Damoah, who was then the Head of Personnel and Recruitment for the Ghana Armed Forces, was responsible for making sure that Ewes were either not recruited or frustrated out of the Army.

It is the selfsame Colonel Kwadwo Damoah, who is working with Anthony Karbo and co to target Ewe officers for elimination, this paper’s intelligence sources have hinted.

Apart from what was captured on tape, Karbo has been boasting about how Colonel Damoah is using some of his links within the Ghana Armed Forces to draw up a list of the senior Ewe officers who are being targeted.

For starters, The Informer has picked up very credible information that Major General Carl Mordey, the current CEPS Commissioner, is one of the senior Ewe officers that Karbo and his murder squads are “TARGETING” for elimination.