General News of Thursday, 25 October 2012

Source: The True Statesmam

Akufo-Addo’s plot uncovered

Akufo-Addo’s plot to destabilize election 2012 with mercenaries uncovered

Diabolic plans by the opposition, New Patriotic Party, (NPP) to cause mayhem and disrupt the peace of Ghana before, during and after the December poll has been exposed.

The NPP and its flagbearer, Nana Addo after failing to proffer any clear policy alternative to the current government has set in motion plans to destabilize the country.

*The National Youth Organizer of the NPP, Mr. Anthony Abayifaa Karbo, was purportedly caught on tape meeting some special NPP militants, party guns, and some mercenaries, on the way to cause confusion ahead of the December polls.*

In a leaked audio tape, Mr. Karbo was heard scheming to bring in ‘macho’ men from outside Ghana to cause mayhem; there were plans to also attack certain key senior security officers and key national institutions, including the electoral commission, the national security, the police headquarters.

“Now, that’s what I’m working on now. I’m meeting with all the bad boys; some of them are NDC boys, some of these guys from Libya, some ayigbe boys who have come in from Togo: There are some guys who have come in from Benin and Liberia we are meeting.

“So I’m just trying to consolidate that by second week of October I’m done with the whole country. We’ll be able to consolidate all the bad boys because what they are going to try to do is to try to instigate some fighting.

“Our party people too they talk, blah-blah-blah but they don’t have people that now-now-now if they say there is something and call people; NPP people can’t call anybody so we just want to focus on that one. Ashanti region, Western region, Eastern region, all the five Akan regions, those are our strongholds and we need to protect that quickly,” Karbo said.

Apart from plans for the EC, where he said weak batteries would be used for verification, Karbo reveals the plot against the security agencies:

“By October ending, first week, second week in November, we need to start attacking particular national institutions; like police, like the military, the national security and BNI. We need to start attacking those institutions to make it known that we are aware they are going to be used in this elections,” he stated

Anthony Abayifaa Karbo, National Youth Organiser of the NPP, who has long declared that “if the NPP does not win the 2012 elections, Afghanistan” also said that;

“We have to hit particular officers in the EC: Director of Operations, CID Boss, and this Amidu guy; these are key; some of the Brigadiers, ‘Ayigbe brigadiers: we need to attack them about secret meetings they held here, even if it is not true,” Karbo is heard telling die-hard party youth, adding “it’s part of the psycho,” war.

The recording shows that as many Ghanaians try to assess the political parties on the promises they are making and whether they can be trusted to deliver on them or not, the NPP is plotting to create a state of insecurity in a bid to rally together five regions they consider their own, aimed at creating a state of fear and panic to make the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) party unpopular.

Ghanaians recall with a great deal of anguish Mr Akufo Addo’s infamous “all die be die”, “yen akanfuo” war chant at Koforidua where he exhorted party youth to do everything in their power to ensure his election as President even if it meant dying since death is death and it doesn’t matter how one dies. Not too long after these frightening statements Mr Akufo Addo told students at an event on KNUST campus that the NPP must win the elections “at all cost”.

The “all-die-be-die” rant reduced Nana Akufo- Addo from a viable alternative to the Mills-led government to a desperate loser seeking to appeal to the worse instinct of Ghanaians. It is, therefore, no wonder that Nana Akufo- Addo has turned to mercenaries for action.

* *The True Statesmam