Politics of Friday, 28 September 2012

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Fiifi Kwetey Drowns Akufo-Addo

Setting The Records Straight

... Says hairdressing saloon loan contractor Bawumia is a tragedy to Ghana’s economy

By Cletus Abaare

A Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning and former Propaganda Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Hon. Franklin Fiavi Fifi Kwetey, has once again demonstrated to the entire membership of the New Patriotic party and its grappling communication Team that he is full of facts and will continue to expose their lies and dirty propagandistic tactics to convince Ghanaians to vote for them in the upcoming general elections.

The fearless minister on Monday in a media conference dubbed “Setting the records straight, NDC- A credible party with a credible track record Ghana can trust” sank deep the opposition NPP and Akufo-Addo desperado dream of winning power by comparing figures from the two parties in the energy and economy sectors, sending several thousands of NDC sympathisers and supporters across the country into a jubilant mood.

On the economy of the country he underscored that NPP brag that they have the ability to transform Ghana’s economy into a Brazil type economy in the unlikely event that they win the upcoming elections is a complete sakawa tactics, fallacious and most of all laughable.

“Ironically, while the NPP candidate and his party are trumpeting how they plan to catapult Ghana to the level of Brazil when given a four year mandate, the NPP Chairman Jake Obetsebi Lamptey speaking on an Accra Radio station in defense of NPP’s eight year tenure between 2001 and 2008 declared emphatically that it would be impossible to transform a nation within eight years. You can, right from the word go, realize the duplicity and the confusion of the NPP and its leaders. It shows that their whole talk about turning Ghana into Brazil within a four year mandate is just NPP’s typical way strategy of employing plain deception and empty promises hoping that the people of Ghana will be naïve enough to believe the lies”, he said.

Furthering his argument with facts and figures he cautioned the NPP to come of age and realize that the people of Ghana are not as gullible as they think adding “Ghanaians are not simpletons and the earlier the NPP understands that the better for them”.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s even assume that the NPP genuinely believes that they can turn Ghana into Brazil when given a four year mandate- have the NPP even bothered to find out how President Lula da Silva turned around the fortune of Brazil? Do they appreciate the aggressive investment in the transformation of the infrastructure of Brazil? A move which dramatically positioned Brazil as an attractive global investment destination? If the NPP have taken time to imbibe, then it’s good for us to scrutinize NPP’s record in infrastructural investment and to use that as a barometer of how the party willpursue that path if given power”, he furthered.

Comparing figures from the two parties in the education and health sectors, Fiifi Kwetey said the records were evidence of a second term for the NDC government and president Mahama.

“Until the energy crisis that hit the country between 2006 and 2007 the NPP had not added an ounce of energy to the national grid. This shows the scant regard the NPP had for the transformation of the energy infrastructure of the country.  Is this the track record of a party that believes in the transformation of an economy? Spending nearly two terms without adding an ounce of energy to the nation's energy grid?

The NDC has within three years added 376MW to the nation’s energy generation capacity. And whereas it took the NPP eight long years toadd 11% to the total number of households connected to electricity, the NDC has within three short years, achieved 18%, almost twice what the NPP took eight years to accomplish”.