Politics of Monday, 17 September 2012

Source: The New Crusading Guide

U. F. P. urges E. C. to remain firm and focused

THE Electoral Commission (E.C) has been called upon to continue to remain firm and focus in carrying out their constitutional responsibilities by creating the 45 newly constituencies.

In a press release issued in Kumasi by the newly formed United Front Party (U.F.P) and signed by its general secretary, Mr. Opoku Razak Kojo it noted that, the question of timing was neither here nor there because through successive PAC meetings with the E.C. all political parties were aware of t he creation of the 45 constituencies for the 2012 general election.

Apart from this, the release said, per the constitution of the republic of Ghana, the E.C. has the constitutional mandate to review the existing constituencies after the creation of districts and population census.

According to the release, it is very strange and hypocritical for the opposition New Patriotic Party (N.P.P) to oppose the creation of the 45 constituencies since the same formula and criteria was used by the E.C in 2004 to create 30 constituencies during N.P.P administration of which the Presbyterian church did not see anything wrong with it.

A t the moment, the release noted that, the N.P.P who are making noise about the creation of the constituencies already have their party members preparing feverishly for the 45 and can mention of Manhyia Atwima-Nwabiagya and other divided constituencies.

“U.F.P. wants to ask the N.P.P. supposing the 45 constituencies comes into existence for this year election, will they contest or not? If yes then it will be hypocritical at the highest level and again betrays their own intellectual intelligence.

The release advised the clergy particularly the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church and other N.P.P. affiliated think-tanks to get some form of education about the electoral laws and the constitution of Ghana so that they will not disgrace themselves and also depart from the deceptive tactics of the N.P.P..

“This is not about what the N.P.P. and their affiliated groups want but it is all about what the constitution demand from the E.C. of Ghana” it pointed out.

The U.F.P therefore disagree with those who think that the creation of the 45 constituencies will comes chaos for this year election and that they only hope to renew and shape our minds and support the E.C. so that it can carry out their constitutionally mandate without interference.

“It also wants to condemn the attacks and personal threats on the lives of the staff of the E.C particularly Dr. Afari Djan” it stated