Politics of Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Source: Isaac Kyei Andoh

Bala Maikanakan “Ghana Need PNC To Maintain Peace”

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the Peoples National Convention, Bala Maikankan has called on Ghana’s electorate to overlook the noisy NPP and NDC in the upcoming election to guarantee and sustain the peace the country is currently enjoy.
He said this in response to the just ended biometric registration exercise and its associated events in an exclusive interview at the party’s headquarters.
According to him, the attitude of both the ruling NDC and the Main opposition NPP indicates that neither of them is ready to bow out peacefully if the outcome of the polls goes in favor of the other and the only way Ghanaians can be rest assured that peace is holistically guaranteed is a vote for the PNC.
Election experts together with the international community have touted the forthcoming elections as the most crucial in the history of this country’s you democracy.
The PNC Greater Accra Regional Chair however believes that if not for the frequent outburst and signs of desperations shown by the two main opposition parties, the overview of these elections would have different.
To him, the future of this country depends on where Ghanaians vote to and the PNC thus provides the most peaceful, insightful option to the chaotic NDC and NPP.
He said that the PNC has over the years proven to be matured in handling national issues and has collaborated with the electoral commission whose reputation is unmatched in the entire African Continent without ever questioning their neutrality unlike the NDC and NPP do almost every elections years.
“I see the criticism of the electoral commission by the NDC an NPP as a deliberate attempt to gain grounds in their future rejection of the result if it goes against either of them but they are wrong, this time, it would be neither of them”
“This same electoral commission has served this country with distinction over the past twenty yet the NDC and NPP have on countless occasions shown clear signs of lack of trust in the ability of the EC to replicate it excellent service”
He added, that the PNC with their new flag bearer, the young and energetic Hasan Ayariga are poised on clearing the notion that the party is for the older generation and attract more you whose future they claim looks bleak dew weak policy and incompetent leadership.
He further asserted that the only president since Nkrumah who had clear view of where it wads taking the nation to was Dr. Hilla Leman whose government was overthrown through a military coup barely three years into office.
“Since the PNC government has retrogressed to the point over hundreds of state owned enterprises have close down whilst countless are under the management of expatriate”
“What else should the NPP and NDC have to do to prove to Ghanaians’ that they are not up to the task and that the only way forward is a party that can provide the twenty first century style of leadership coupled with its’ innovations ”
He called on Ghanaians to step up defy the odds and make a decision that is more representative of mother Ghana’s interest and not one that is motivated by political party leanings”
“Ghanaian’s have voted the NDC NPP way because they think that is where they belong, wrong; any party that proves to have the wherewithal to move this nation deserves to be given the opportunity irrespective of its following”
Political pundit have questioned the readiness of the so called political parties to compete with the NPP and NDC in the search for power but the Greater Accra Regional Chair of the Peoples National Convention Party thinks the ground rules has changed and Ghanaians are now looking for who has solutions.
“Though on countless occasions, we have provided the best manifestos and policy guidelines but have fallen short of making impact in elections, we would not change our style because the horizon of Ghanaians have broaden and gradually shifting towards the PNC line of thinking”
Elections 2012 would be the first time Ghanaians made a decision solely on issues and Isha Alahu, the PNC would come on to” He concluded.