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NPP are intellectually bankrupt -CPP

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2007-05-31 14:02:34
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You still live in this stupid UP propaganda.How much did the whites live us and how much worth of development did the CPP provide?Do you appreciate the prophetic quality of the CPP programmes?They are not for the average Leader,for as far back in the 60,s Nkrumah was talking about solar and atomic energy beside hydro power.As far back as 60,s he knew that we would need more power to run the economy.Nkrumah was talking of establishing a science city in kumasi.
Your bird-brained leaders of the UP-Dankwa,Busia and Kffuor did not and still do not know how to develop Ghana.What Nkrumah envisioned in the 20th century ,Kuffuor could not comprehend in the 21st century hence our power crisis. Verily ,verily I say unto you that no matter which party is in power unless that party acknowledges the relevance and potency of CPP programmes and goes for it wholesale,Ghana will never ever move forward.
The problem with NPP is that their Tradition violently overthrew Nkrumah and sold propaganda for people like you to buy that nothing that Nkrumah and the CPP did was good.So now even though they have found out their mistake they will not admit it nor do anything that bears semblance to what the CPP was doing for fear that it will make the CPP popular.That group of bomb throwing idiots who call themselves Dankwah-Busia tradition have set Ghana,s development clock by more than 40 years.Ghanaians deserve an unqualified apology from them.Did Kuffuor tell Ghanaians that the Malaysians admitted before him that they adapted the CPP,s 7 year development plan to develop their nation?Today we can go to them for a loan as we have turned to be a begar nation.

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