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NPP are intellectually bankrupt -CPP

Comment: Re: What does CPP has go offer?

State Protocol
2007-05-31 10:47:35
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What does CPP has go offer?

No it did not!! The Pharisees killed JESUS the Christ in the hope that will be the end of it. But the truth never dies. Today, there are many Christians, many more than were in the days when he was alive.

You see, that is what they expected you to believe and you have, but the truth of the matter is, every policy and direction that the NPP is thinking of taking came from the CPP. They are not so bold to implement thise for fear of being referred. But this is the truth!!

The suggestion of Nuclear technology as an alternative to Ghana's energy crisis was decided by the CPP back in 1964. The CPP established many corporations that were the gem of Ghana. Today, where are they?? Ask yourself, what does Ghana have that is is so proud of?? Nothing...they have all being pawned off.

So now tell me, what your party can offer Ghana and then maybe we have can have an informed debate of facts and not of hearsays and false wishes.

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05-31 10:10
Re: What does CPP has go offer?
State Protocol
05-31 10:47