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'Problem of school fees is now a thing of the past' - Sirigu Chief hails free education

Comment: we regretted voting for Akufo Addo!!!!!

2020-11-10 18:22:06
Comment to:
'Problem of school fees is now a thing of the past

The different between Akufo Addo Free SHS and that of John dramani Mahamas
progressive Free SHS.

Akufo Addo’s Free SHS produce graduates with the following, lack of abilities to think, lack of self confidence, the result is many of these people end up in poverty, prostitution and armed robbery that we are witnessing today.

John dramani Mahama’s progressive Free SHS will empower student to think outside the box , self confidence with great knowledge, smart thinking capabilities, exposure to world class technology, financial stability,
you will be able to compete with businesses in UK, USA, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia.

God so loved Ghanaians that Mahama is coming back to bright the future of this nation as he started before. let us support Mahama and vote for him. Akufo Addo is a good man but he can't control his own sakawa mafias. we need to show them the exit like good Americans did to dictator Trump. Akufo Addo must follow. let us all say goodbye to Akufo Addo. he has done his worst.

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